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Partial Scholarships in the USA

The world-class universities and colleges in the USA provide partial scholarships for international students as financial support for their studies. Scholarships are given only to students who have excelled in their studies.

Review the eligibility guidelines, application method, and closure date before applying to partial scholarships. Our counsellors help you the best possible way.

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• For partial scholarship in the USA, you require a good academic score. Extracurricular activities and volunteering skills are also counted and are an added advantage.
• While applying, some scholarships require only the applications, whereas others need to submit written assignments in research-related programs.
The scholarship amount varies based on the universities. It is advisable to start admission procedures at the earliest before admission starts. Akbar Study Abroad has well-experienced counsellors to help you with all these procedures. Furthermore, clarifications could be made by contacting the university admission center.

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Required documents

The records needed for applying for scholarships are the complete application form, copy of academic records, passport, ID Cards, Statement of Purpose, Letter of Recommendation, scores of all tests, and medical report.

The top scholarships awarded by universities in the USA to international students are:

  • University of Tulsa Undergraduate Scholarships is the one offered by Tulsa University Kaplan International for well-qualified International students. This scholarship is awarded based on merit, extracurricular excellence, and leadership quality. You can renew it for four years based on your performance. A grant of up to USD 20,000 will be given for this scholarship.
  • International Fisherman Academic Award Scholarship offered by Washington State University-INTO USA is based purely on merit. In this, the students achieving lower GPS get up to USD 8,000 up to USD 16,000 for those getting a higher GPA. Additional applications are not necessary as you require only submitting the completed WSU application.
  • Panther Fund Merit Scholarships are the ones offered by the Florida Institute of Technology. Under this scholarship, all International applications are taken into consideration. It provides up to USD 10,000.
  • Presidential Scholarships are scholarships awarded by the California State University- Northridge. Through these scholarships, undergraduates will get the chance to work with faculty Mentors on live projects. This opportunity is for undergraduate students of Cal State Northridge. The students need to secure at least 60 units with an average 3.5-grade point. This scholarship program provides USD 10,000.
  • USF Green & Gold Awards are scholarships offered by the University of South Florida. It is a partial out-of-state tuition waiver. Award amount varies upon the actual number of credits in which a student enrols each term. There are three kinds of Scholarships under this. They are Presidential Award worth USD 48,000, Directors Award worth USD 36,000, and the Scholars Award worth USD 24,000.
  •  Freshman Scholarships are scholarships offered by Valparaiso University. In this case, the file will be reviewed automatically for the scholarship. Students will get an offer of admission if they are awarded any academic scholarship. There are three kinds of Scholarships: 
  1. The Board of Directors Scholarship –  USD 30,000 per annum,
  2. Presidential Scholarship – USD 24,000 – USD 27,000 per annum.
  3. Honours Scholarship – USD 22,000 to USD 23,000 per annum.