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Statement of Purpose (SOP)

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a letter of purpose addressed to the panel describing a student’s career track, professional background, aims, and the reason for pursuing a specific study program abroad. Most of the countries accept SOP in essay format. Some of the countries want this in question format. 

SOP is the fundamental component that determines a student’s entry into their chosen university. Students have to submit their visa application with a detailed declaration, explaining everything about their career for study abroad programs. This document is submitted to the respective universities to help the authorities re-assure whether the applicants are granted the right courses.

Why SOP?

  • SOP’s are the document that decides proceedings of your visa application.
  •  The admission committee thoroughly evaluates your SOP, which consists of your career aims, views, subject expertise, and concept.
  •  Even the students with weak academics can impress the authorities with an excellent SOP. 
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Steps to writing an excellent SOP

The three most important steps to be taken care of while writing the Statement of Purpose (SOP) are planning, working on the draft, and reviewing.

Before writing an excellent Statement of Purpose (SOP), generate a skeleton. It is always better, to begin with, an intro. The intro should describe an incident or story which has created an interest in selecting the subject. Next, make categories and note down all your important accomplishments. Finally, it should have the motive behind picking the university and the course.  

After planning you have to concentrate on giving your experience while your studies. Always keep in mind to narrow down the usage of scientific words. Statement of Purpose (SOP) should be in active voice. Optimistically address any academic issue like a gap year. A Statement of Purpose (SOP) must also have a transparent opening and conclusion. 

 After drafting, it is important to review the written document. Check for any errors in sentence construction, lengthy sentences, and grammatical mistakes. Make sure that you send it to an expert before submission. 

Foreign universities expect language to be accurate, precise, and free from errors. Specify in detail the way your expertise, interests, and experience contribute to the university or institution.

 If you still find any difficulty, our trained counsellors can supervise you in writing an all-embracing Statement of Purpose (SOP). We also provide you an excellent Statement of Purpose (SOP) example for your reference. Come, visit us and discuss your concerns in detail. 

  • Stress on the observation type

     LOR gets a positive result if the observation type is direct. Direct observation gives first-hand knowledge of the degree of communication between the two. Direct interaction is relevant as it adds more significance than having known through a third person.

  • Must have an accurate assessment

    Stress should be higher on suitability. It should also mention how you proved in class, about the rank position, etc. 

  • Do not mention grades of competitive exams.

    The application should not mention scores of competitive examinations. There should not be any repetition. 

In short, the most competent Letter of Recommendation (LOR) format originates from someone who accepts to write unobstructedly without any force. A questionable and quickly written letter is more critical. Always make sure to make your LOR written from a person with a designation. It adds weightage to your letter. Therefore, be quite sensible while picking a person to draft you a letter of recommendation for masters.

You must have a personal meeting to mention your needs in the letter. It is essential before placing a formal LOR request. The recommender should also know your course, interest, plans, and all about you before the start. 

Do you still feel confused? Don’t worry! We can help you! 

For any assistance with your LOR, reach out to our counsellors. We help you make it easy.