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Scholarships in the UK ​

The United Kingdom (UK) has many remarkable high-ranked universities in the world. The universities here offer many partial UK scholarships that are subject to exemplary international students.

Apply to any of the partial UK Scholarships only after checking the eligibility criteria!

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The primary basis for partial UK scholarships for Indian students is a high academic score. It depends on various factors like your preferred destination, the subject selected, and level of study. Some partial scholarship programs also accept extracurricular activities and volunteering as an added advantage.
The available money value and the type of UK scholarships vary from one university to another. Some of the universities provide research programs that provide 100% of the tuition fee. The competition for government scholarships is higher when compared to scholarships awarded by universities. Therefore, start the procedure 8-12 months before intake starts.

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Required documents

Check the website of the preferred university for required documents before applying for a scholarship. There are standard records for almost all the institutions, such as the completed scholarship application form, academic records copy, passport copy, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Letter of Recommendation (LOR), scores of tests, scores language proficiency test, essay, and medical report.

Here are the lists of top UK scholarships for Indian students granted by various universities in the UK.

  • In the Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship UG program, the student gets a scholarship value of up to £2,500. It is a scholarship granted by the University of Liverpool. The value of the scholarship is up to £2,500. Applicants require a minimum of AAB/ A*AA or equivalent for availing of this program. The scholarship is granted directly without applying to those who meet the criteria.
  • University of Liverpool First Class Scholarship is a scholarship for international students offered by the University of Liverpool. This scholarship program is for non-clinical programs for those who have attained a 70% average. 
  • Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship PG is a scholarship program for students who have secured the first class or equivalent in the UG program. The scholarship value is £2,500.
  • MBA Bursary & International Excellence Scholarship is a scholarship awarded for students based on their educational achievement. The students need to complete a form, along with a supporting statement describing their eligibility for this scholarship in 500 words. This scholarship, granted by Anglia Ruskin University, is of value £4,000 for one year. It is £2,000 for a two-year course with placement.
  • Global Excellence Scholarship is the scholarship offered by Aston University of value that ranges from £5,000 – £7,000. To apply for this scholarship, you require an undergraduate or full-time postgraduate program offer. You also need to submit a personal statement that supports your application in not more than 500 words.
  • International Scholarship, offered by Kingston University, requires a study offer of any UG or PG degree course. The documents required are a personal statement, academic transcript, and academic reference. 
  • International Scholarship offered by Middlesex University assesses eligibility and fundings based on a case by case basis. Student gets up to £2,000.
  • In the Global Scholarships of Northumbria University, students get a £3,000 fee discount in the first year and a £1,500 discount every following year of study.

President’s Undergraduate Scholarship Scheme is the program offered by the University of Leicester. Under this scheme, the students get £2,500-£4,000 every year for the study. It is for international students undertaking a full-time undergraduate degree.