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Pre Departure Assistance

Are you getting ready for travel? Akbar Study Abroad is conducting pre-departure orientation sessions to guide you through the pre-travel procedures. We will support you by clearing all your doubts regarding the travel documents, airport procedures, travel funds, luggage, etc.

The pre departure training session enables you to get a real-life travel and cultural experience of the visiting country. Find out the details for the pre-departure orientation sessions given below:

  • Our authorized travel agent will explain to you the required travel documents. They will provide you with a checklist so that you will not miss any documents during your journey.
  • Knowing your luggage is an important part of the travel. Our pre-departure sessions will help you arrange things well before your travel, like the carriable and restricted items.
  • Briefing of airport procedures is yet another part of the session. This session includes various details like check-in procedures, immigration, customs methods, and security checks by authorities.
  •  Our session will help you to understand the bank account opening procedure so that you can deposit your money for your tuition fees, accommodation, and other living expenses. This bank account will help you if you are planning to have a career in this country.
  • Understanding new country and studying environment is a need. It enables you to be more open, adaptable, avoid language barriers and create a reliable studying environment. Our session will also help you to understand more about the local culture, customs, classroom environment, and local laws. 

Part-time jobs

There are various options to do part-time work. Different countries have their work policies. Our travel agent will advise you everything regarding these laws and will give suggestions for finding part-time jobs.

Our pre departure training program sessions will cover every minute of support required for travelling and studying abroad. We will brief you on everything regarding the visa, language support, and international students’ right.