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Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

A Letter of Recommendation (LOR), known as a letter of reference, recommends a student to the institution. This letter assists the admission panel to get to learn more about the applicant. It showcases the positive information of the candidate from their mentor, guide, or faculty.

The Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for students should be short and brief for better results. It is a separate letter that is not the one included in a CV. 

Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

Writing a good Letter of Recommendation (LOR)

While writing a Letter of Recommendation (LOR), a few points are to be kept in mind. Remember, a LOR helps to get an insight into the applicant. Therefore, while writing a reference letter, the following elements are to be included:

  • Short information of writers association with you

    The letter should contain, in short, details of the years you are known to your mentor, advisor, teacher, colleague, etc.

  • Stress on the observation type

     LOR gets a positive result if the observation type is direct. Direct observation gives first-hand knowledge of the degree of communication between the two. Direct interaction is relevant as it adds more significance than having known through a third person.

  • Must have an accurate assessment

    Stress should be higher on suitability. It should also mention how you proved in class, about the rank position, etc. 

  • Do not mention grades of competitive exams.

    The application should not mention scores of competitive examinations. There should not be any repetition. 

In short, the most competent Letter of Recommendation (LOR) format originates from someone who accepts to write unobstructedly without any force. A questionable and quickly written letter is more critical. Always make sure to make your LOR written from a person with a designation. It adds weightage to your letter. Therefore, be quite sensible while picking a person to draft you a letter of recommendation for masters.

You must have a personal meeting to mention your needs in the letter. It is essential before placing a formal LOR request. The recommender should also know your course, interest, plans, and all about you before the start. 

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