Find Universities Abroad that are Right for You


Guide to Studying Overseas

We find the one best suit you with our vast knowledge in the field. We follow a set of steps to study abroad that marks for your success.

Do proper research about courses, universities, and their locations. Find out every minute detail regarding teaching modules, research opportunities, campus atmosphere, and employment chances before fixing your options. Always remember to add your budget and possible scholarships as a part of your analysis. Access friends or alumni of the university efficiently using social media platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn.

All this can be a hectic process for you in one way or the other! We can help you! Akbar Study Abroad, best study abroad consultants, has free counselling session that enables you for an efficient search. We guide you exactly!

Get an appointment with our counsellors who are professionally accredited. All of them are experienced and friendly with first-hand knowledge and experience in different field studies around the globe.

To begin with, carry your preferred course and location list with you while you visit us. There are still many more to go! Many steps to study abroad that have to be kept in mind. Let’s discuss more!

Sure about your preference? Now initiate your application. After picking your course and university, it is now time to apply. Having got won the title of the best study abroad consultants, our counsellors work hard for your success. They make it a point to individually communicate with your preferred university and make the entire process easy. Our legal and noble measures help you to improve your likelihood of approval. 

A good score in English is necessary if it is needed for the course selected by you. Therefore, work hard to pass and get excellent grades on the language test. 

Once your application is accepted, the university will evaluate it thoroughly and inform you of the decision. It takes a few weeks to treat your request. If your application is selected, then you get an offer letter and an assent form. Before accepting the offer, our counsellor checks for any requirements that are involved.

 After you accept the offer letter, the most important job is to appeal for your student visa. As each nation has its formalities to meet, our counsellors will help you through the visa application process. We also help you to provide the records required for your submission.

The records needed for a student visa are: 

  • Proof of registration in an approved institution
  • Residence grant applications 
  • Language certification
  • Consent of parents or guardians for those under 18
  • Financial evidence 
  • Passport size photographs
  • Vaccination proof for required countries.

Discuss with our counsellors about the document list as per your preferred country. Once all these procedures are complete, decide where you will live if you are not offered on-campus accommodation. The living and accommodation cost varies from one country to another. 

Schedule your flights well in advance. Monitor the changing ticket prices and book it at the cheapest rate. Check everything like the entry conditions and baggage charges.

Now it’s the time! You are all set. Our counsellors will assist you with all the important to-do stuff, required to think about before travelling. Consider everything from money exchange, insurance, stay, SIM cards, bank account, and rules and regulations of a country. Akbar Study Abroad conducts pre-departure sessions to help you prepare for your new life in a new country.